Saturday, June 12, 2010

My lote

Boot/Butt Camp Week #2
Hated it and loved it - in equal parts, hence my new word, lote. I lote boot camp. Lote it with all my heart, soul and ridiculously sore, tired, inflamed, angry muscles.

The walk to the top of Citadel Hill got my heart going crazy and that was merely the warm-up. When the new leader of the day said, "We're going to do 100 push-ups" I was sure she was kidding. She wasn't.

I did 100 push ups today. That's a wow. Another wow is how oddly happy my body feels with this kind of workout. I didn't run once this week (except to first base on baseball night). This week was all about hot yoga with my kid and then today's boot camp.

Four sessions of hot yoga and I am addicted. Addicted to the mystery of what will happen on my mat. A week ago, yoga made me so angry. Angry with my bulk and inability to move in the way I thought I should.

This week Moksha Yoga has made me sweaty and strong,amazed at the strength of my body.

And then I did butt camp - I wanted to weep at my weakness, my noodle arms trying heft my body for another 10.

I am on a roller coast of body learning. It's quite a ride.

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