Monday, June 7, 2010

New is good

Butt camp was brutal - as challenging and fun for my body as I'd hoped. After, my inability to walk without groaning or sit without moaning proved the true term for the experience is indeed butt not boot camp.

That was Saturday. Sunday brought another unexpected adventure in the story of surprising my body.

Moksha yoga - hot, sweaty yoga. It's my newest addiction. I am literally counting the minutes until me and my kid go back tomorrow for the 6:30 a.m. class.

When I arrived for the Karma class last night (you make a donation, minimum $5) I was a tad nervous. Saunas make me nauseous and I could barely bend over. I wondered if more exercise was the right thing to do or if laying on the couch would be better. Recognizing that laying on the couch really hasn't worked for me, me and my petunia ventured into the Dresden Row studio.

After 60 minutes of sweating profusely and laughing occasionally in a room of 50 strangers I left different, loose and light and wanting to dance.

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