Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Antidote for Grumpiness

So I did the big 10 minute run x 4 a few Friday's ago, longest yet and lived to tell the tale. And then me and my fella went out after work for a run the following Monday and we did 3 sets of 10 minutes.

No problem. Until the next day.

My foot felt like the bones were at war with each other. I limped a bit, whined a lot. Not fun. I wanted nothing more than to lace up the sneaks and hit the trails. But I waited. I iced. Went to chiro. I continued to whine and had wine. I did the elliptical at the gym and then the calves went crazy. Geez!

Without my runs I was grumpy. Something was not quite right. Happy to report I did a wee toot around the neighborhood yesterday, just 5 minutes x 4 and no limping nor groaning calves.

Running is my antidote to feeling grumpy. I thought it was potato chips or a mega-margarita;it's running.

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  1. Tell me about it!

    I'm been battling a cold for two weeks, and was finally convinced to give my running a break for a few days in hopes of a speedier recovery. I miss my runs :(