Monday, March 22, 2010

The check list

So today was a vay-cay day. No big plans, no need to rush out the door.

I woke early though as I had to "get my run done". I wanted my run done so I could spend the rest of my day free from having to run. At 6 ish when the bed and the floor were in great debate, I wondered about the way I'd set this up for myself. I was forcing myself to get out of bed to get my run done. Not to run. Not to feel the pavement passing under my feet, not to be outside breathing in fresh air, not to sweat, sing. Not to find that moment when the stiffness stops and my body loosens into a rhythm only found while running. Just to get it done.

I observed this to-do list thinking. Mulled it over and tried to change it. I got up to run, not to get it done. I ran this morning and watched the fog laying on the city, laughed at dogs, looked for crocuses, smelled buses and ran. I sang a bit. Sweated and spent my run in a non-list world. Had a couple parenting insights, a work problem got solved.

Not trapped inside my mind, I was present.

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