Saturday, April 10, 2010


Getting back into the groove ain't easy. Holiday fun shifts into the grind of 'real life' which really is pretty wonderful, just lacking in afternoon naps.

Trying to shake up the holiday hangover my daughter and I went to a Zumba class this week. Lots of fun. Very tiring and kinda tricky too. I liked the focus on learning and listening to music and not thinking about anything but the rhythm and turns the crazy-fit teacher was showing us.

Day after Zumba my knee was sore.

So sore I didn't run and didn't have anxiety.

Missing my run didn't have any other meaning other than I was listening to my body.

Sore knee = day off. It does not mean that I won't complete the 10 km, it does not mean I am lazy or that I am not committed.

That's how I used to think if I missed a work out.

The critic voice can be so darn loud! I'm learning to turn it down. With great results.

I walked home from work on Thursday to be outside in the sunshine, not to burn calories. I think this is what is meant by an active lifestyle versus obsessive weight loss anxiety. An active lifestyle feels like freedom.

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