Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Run fast or run slow

I don't know, I do want to be fast, it's just totally beyond my realm of possibility at the present time.

I'm slow. Faster than a shuffle but not by much.

I'm using turtle-mind, forget a bragging completion time, completing is my goal. I had to remind myself of that numerous times today while out with the running club I'm a part of. We took off at a pace I have never ever reached and began by going down hill which made me feel speedy for a moment. That is until my body went into total "forget about it" mode. At the bottom of the hill the light turned red so I caught up only to be left in the dust a moment later.

By losing the group I also lost the time keeper and my stop watch was back in my locker. Made me realize I am obsessed and controlled by the minutes and the seconds. I am a clock watching runner. Forget the wind in the hair, sun sparkling on the sea, nope, I am going for 8 and 1 and if I'm at 6 and about to collapse, I can make myself go for 2 more.

Not sure if it'll happen before the Blue Nose or after but I will become a non-clock watching runner. I will head out to feel that wind/sun/rain but now I am setting a slow and steady as the clock ticks pace.


  1. I've been following your blog and really enjoy your write-ups. I'm a beginner runner too...and just so you know...I'm a complete number's all about the time and distance. I need to know exactly how far I ran, and how long I ran without walking, and if there was an improvement from the last run. It's how I measure my progress. It's what works for me. And actually, my running buddies rely on me to have a stopwatch and to know the distance!!

    I love knowing the keeps me motivated!

    You're doing a really really terrific job!! Great work!

  2. AnonymousMay 17, 2010

    I did my first 10k in the PEI marathon last october, i found my non-clock runner in the middle of the run. I ended up with 15mins off of my training time and felt fantastic.
    Not so smartly i stopped running over the winter, so this upcoming 10k is a just finish race and i'm back to clock running so i don't burn out.