Thursday, April 1, 2010

Airport purchase

Back from a great holiday.

Lots of sleep, lots of shopping, lots of sun and my longest run ever. Yup. On holiday I managed to sweat through a 4.8 km run all because of Runner's World. I picked up the latest copy during a lay over and got inspired.

I learned about my feet.

I found easy healthy recipes, new stretches, and runners who do things like 100 mile runs. Oh.

When I was doing the 'should I stop, should I keep running' yada yada I thought of that guy featured in the magazine going for 100. I kept going.

Part of this 10 km quest is figuring out how to make the training successful. I learn new stuff every week.

This week was the week of Runner's World.

Now I have another tool, another part of my running life I can rely on like my music, cushiony socks, supportive bras and satisfying post-run snack (blueberries, Kashi Go Lean cereal and yogurt).

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