Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Pre-Oscar viewing led to channel flipping and I stopped to watch a bio on Pink for awhile. Her music and the stories behind them are intense and I knew I needed to get some of her songs on my running list. I want her to help me during my runs. I like her certainty.

Today I am back from a looooooong drive for work, left the city at 8:00 am yesterday and arrived home at 4:30 this afternoon. The radio was on and off, fuzzy and clear. When I could, I sang along and thought of additions to my play list. The stiffness that comes from sitting in a car for so long was contrary to how I imagined the music I listened to would affect my running.

Music is more important than I knew for this training trek. My ipod shuffle my new best friend. I've got the usual suspects on the playlist, Black Eye Peas, Lady GaGa but am always looking for more songs. I shuffle the music, using Crazy Heart's theme song to cool me down.

I hear music twice now; in the moment and as part of my upcoming run.

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  1. I'm a sucker for making play ists, and yet, my attention span is too short to listen to music while I run: I spend more time flipping through songs than I do running!