Friday, May 21, 2010

Pre-Race Run

Today I will do my last training run.

Something has shifted in me, after all these weeks of running. This whole training plan was to prepare me for the 10 km Blue Nose run. Now, I kinda don't care. No, I care, I kinda don't need the end of the race, "the ribbon" moment. That's a surprise.

Every single run I have completed has been a reward. No cheering crowds, no medal but when my training run ended and I walked my cool down I have felt the glow of success - plus the ache of the foot arch, pain in the knee, hurt in the hip etc.

My running goal has completely changed. I began running to complete the 10 km distance.

Now I am running to be in my body, to feel my power and push my limitations. I am running to move and to sweat and to see who else I can be. Wow. All that for an early bird registration fee of $35.00. Good deal eh!

1 comment:

  1. It's awesome to come to the end of something like a learn to run program or a training program and then enjoy the goal; completing the race :):) congrats and hope you keep going!
    I'll be at the Bluenose tomorrow :) completing the 10 K!