Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clara Hughes and I

Superstar athlete Clara Hughes was recently touting the wonders and necessity of massage therapy. I couldn't agree more.

This notion that it is one's will and determination that are the defining elements of success doesn't ring true for me. I function within the, "It takes a village" model, as in, the more the merrier to make me move faster, stronger, longer.

Kristen Muntz is my massage therapist and she is talented. She knows what needs to be kneaded, what needs to be held, released, strengthened and lengthened. Every visit feels like a body gift. This machine that I make sit for too long, not sleep enough, stuff with food, forget to stretch - it needs a regular Kristen fix.

Don't believe me? Call and book an appointment - 405-3538, or book online

I lost a team member recently.

The gifted and generous Sarah Gordon passed away but before she did, she healed me.

She was a friend's physiotherapist and my friend recommended her, saying she was a miracle worker. Yes indeed. I run because Sarah taught me how to stretch. After every run, I follow the stretching routine she created for me.

I like the space a run gives me, the thinking and dreaming alone time. But early in the morning, late at night or any run in between, I am never truly alone. My team keeps me going.

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  1. In every area of my life someone knows and has been touched by Sarah Gorden. She is so badly missed.